Energy Parenthood

This is about being aware parents to your child's soul needs and not only biological parents to his body and mind and educational needs.

It's also about how future moms can prepare their womb to be the best energy environment for their future child, like a greenhouse and not only as biological organ.

You can choose your child !

You probably heard about the law of attraction: Similarities attract each other.

The greatest force to attract something in your life is the INTENTION !!

Making an intention or wishing what qualities do you wish for your future child is the most important step to attract these qualities in your future child.

Your future child's soul (which will be reflected in his/her personality, health and other aspects) is also attracted unconsciously by the mother's energies and main issues in everyday life.

If you want to have a better child you should start by changing yourself into a better person, to live your life more connected to your soul wishes and spiritually awakened.

Sometimes the child's soul is attracted to his parents by "The parents spiritual potential" rather than what they already accomplished, and this can lead to a gap or dissonance between what energies the parents create and the child's needs. This mismatch is often diagnosed as ADD, ADHD syndrome, and often treated with Ritalin instead of creating a more suitable energy environment for the child. 

The ideal energy environment can be created by the parents by learning "energy work techniques" and practicing them daily to improve their lives.

Another important factor in bringing a child is to prepare the mother's womb energetically so it would be adequate for the future child's soul. This can be done by "energy cleansing". 

How to be a better parent ?

After the child is born the parents role changes is to be aware of their child's soul needs. A child is aware,sees and feels the surrounding energy world much more than his parents. He reacts accordingly and without extensive parents knowledge and guidance about this surrounding energy world, they are guessing in the dark about the child's needs. Some parents are more intuitive and they guess "right" and other are less fortunate. 

These skills can be learned by the parents by being aware of the surrounding energy world and by improving their lives using energy work.

Most of the time parents are not aware that the "Monsters" their child see in the bedroom are actually the child's spirit guidance which came to help. This is why only the child can see them and not the parents.

The spirit guides are like the parents, they came to help and guide in life where the parent's knowledge can no longer help.

Instead of telling the child that the "Monsters" don't exist, (while the child sees them with the same clarity as his parents creating confusion) ?

A better approach is to try to communicate with them and establish trust. 

First we can ask the spirits/monsters who they are ? (spirits never lie, this is one of the energy world basic rules).  Our child in this case will ask himself the questions and be the "translator" of their answer for the parents who are not aware of the spirit presence. 

Another role of the parent is to filter the incoming responses and to act accordingly between real spirit answers who have real new knowledge and came with love or the child's imagination and fears which should not be encouraged. (Remember that guiding spirits are like loving parents, but on another awareness plane and frequency)

Second we can build trust between the child and his spirit guidance. As parents we should know that their spirit guidance will help and guide our child long after we will not be alive, until the last moment of our child's life, so we should behave and trust them. (What about our trust and relation with our spirit guidance as parents ? ...)

With proper knowledge these incidents can be used to properly guide your child for a better and happier life.

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