My Journey

My journey is MINE and that means it fully belongs to me, the one reading these lines NOW !!

The most important insight is if I am IN THE DRIVER SEAT of my journey or just a passenger in the rear seat letting someone else (or the circumstances) taking me wherever, having  little or no control of where I am going and what happens to me.  

Life is a journey of self-discovery through challenges which we call problems or issues. 

My Life is what I make it, a struggle for survival, fight with others, worries,retreat in a safe and familiar spot, or  happiness, love, fun, bringing the best of me, dreaming and making it a true reality...

The ONLY reality is the way I live my life, all the rest (people, friend, family, enemies etc..) is just the decor and background actors on the stage of my life played by me as the main actor.

Curious about how to move into the driver seat ?

Here are some hints: 

1. Know yourself better

2. Be aware about the REAL unseen energy world

3. Heal your life

4. For more questions contact me

and the most important:

Have FUN :)