The Unseen Energy World

The physical world is what we see but the energy world behind it is much more powerful !!

Everything starts at an energy level (even an intention a wish or an idea),

Then it materializes at the level of facts behavior, and physical matter,

So, if we want to change our physical everyday reality, we must start with the inner energies of our body.

Have you ever wonder why certain events happen to you over and over again the same way ?

(as: meeting the wrong people, lack of fortune...) 

This is because what happens is a reflection of what is inside the body at the level of energy of life  !!

(It is easier to see yourself in a mirror than directly, reality is like a mirror to our inner energies)

How can I improve my life ?

Improving my life is about transforming my inner energies to reflect on the surrounding reality the things I wish to happen to me.

It is very difficult to do it by yourself (otherwise you had been done it already).

You need a teacher with a higher awareness level than yours to teach you how to do it !!!!

It is like someone throws you a rope to pull you higher, he must be higher than yourself. (Take a look at "How to chose a teacher" paragraph)

So, what are those inner energies, what is my energy of life ?....  

What drains this energy out of me ?..... (the lack of this energy leads to illness, physical or mental)

How can I fill my life energy, and from where ?..... 

How can I improve it's quality and quantity ?....

How can I find the source of this energy of life and maintain it forever ?

What is "Defusing" ?

Have you ever heard about "Bringing the work at home" ?

Almost everyone does it, but what happens if the energies you need  at work are harmful at home ?

For example: Someone who needs brutality to fight crime or in the army, over the time, has difficulties to behave different with his family.

Those energies which surround us at work (and infiltrate  us slowly) should be neutralized when we leave the job environment and we enter our private life.

Usually the ones who retire from elite army units, or fireman, law enforcement or even public jobs defuse those energies by psychological treatments.

There is definitely a more effective way to defuse those energies !!

Everything is about Awareness !!

Which is influenced by the quantity, quality and frequency of my energy of life.

All healing techniques deal with improving this energy.

The above are the primary questions which starts the journey for healing my life.

some of the tools for this journey are:

My will to improve my life, A guide, and The knowledge how to do it

As additional tools we use Channeling, guided imagination, our internal senses, home exercises between sessions and more.

Reincarnation Therapy is sometime used, not for curiosity, but to to heal the problem right from it's source.

Some other techniques can facilitate this journey as Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Reiki or Feng Shui.

This is the way I see the interaction between the real life, the energy world, and the ways to put them together for the best outcome.

These are only starting points of your possible journey,

If you wish to know more about it, contact me

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla