Medium and Channeling

What is Channeling or being a medium ?

" To channel is to be able to receive knowledge from higher intelligence "

Information on this page is at a high awareness level and can awaken feelings and dormant parts of yourself. This is also an opportunity to inner growth.

Read this carefully.

There are different types of mediums ?

Yes, there are three different types of mediums:

There are also different types of channeling ?

Yes, for channeling to take place there must be an awareness-match or life-frequency-match. This match can be achieved at lower awareness level or higher level. The level of awareness at which the channeling occurs leads to various levels of information and knowledge which can be received.

An intermediate channeling level is called LOWER channeling requires the medium to have "open energy centers". Some of the body energy centers are also called CHAKRAS, because energetically they spin like a wheel. In this type of channeling, the higher life energy we wish to communicate to (an angel or spiritual guidance) lowers his awareness level (frequency of life) until it matches with the medium awareness level and the information exchange is possible. This channel is always initiated by the guidance and not by the medium. The knowledge passed to the medium is limited because the awareness level involved is relatively low. Sometimes the awareness level of the spirit is also low and this is the only possible way to communicate, leading to a narrow perspective from both the spirit and the medium. Sometimes a high spirit communicates this way to encourage the medium to grow internally and develop himself. In his case, this type of channeling is essential to inner growth.

The lowest channeling (not recommended and very dangerous !) is called TRANCE channeling. This kind of channeling is more rare. Someone who is not able or doesn't want  to grow spiritually and has a weak bond between his body and soul can use this kind of channeling. The medium soul goes out of his body and another life energy (as a soul of a dead in a seance session) enters the medium body, acts and speaks through this body. The medium sounds and behaves different because a soul different of his own takes possession of the body, speech and movements. This kind of channeling was widely described in scary movies and the main concern is that the soul which takes possession of the body can refuse to leave it, and in this case this is similar to death of the medium. 

Why to channel ?

How the information is received in channeling ?

Who can be a medium ?

Being a medium is Learned or born ability ?

Who are the spirits we channel with ?

How do I recognize real channeled information ?

Where do I begin ?

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