Some believe in 2010 will be the end of the world, others believe is a new beginning.

Both are right, is the end of what we knew and the beginning of a new era.

The transition will not be abruptly, but major events will still occur,

so is very important for us to learn The New Rules of Life.

The basic rules of living in the new age era.

What happens to us is based on physical laws and also on much wider universal & spiritual laws.

Making use of  these laws, and changing our inner life energies influence our daily reality and feelings. 

The Abc of Life is understanding what is life energy, how it drives us (Up or Down) , how to obtain it, how to stop unwanted drain of it. How this life energy is altered by other people (friends, family) or places (Feng Shui), how our happiness, illness, and human relations are driven and influenced by this inner energy and finally to get and practice techniques to bring our life energy to the best outcome.

Lower life energies are related to illness, fatigue, and feelings like fear, hate, anger, and loss of control while

Higher life energies are related to wellness, happiness, love, compassion ...

You are  able to change your inner life energy and respectively your life experience !!

Based on my experience in Healing and Regression Therapy, most of the illnesses and pains can be cured !!

How to do it ?


So, What' new ?

Planet earth is changing rapidly (1987-2012) and this influences almost every aspect of our life including health, meteorology political social and financial aspects. This was predicted by theMaya calendar, Cryon and many others.

Our consciousness is shifting from mind to heart, along with earth pole shifting. 

It is not the end of humanity, but a global transition to a higher level of living, and we should prepare ourselves to it !!

One of the changes is The Human Awareness which leads to awakening and an abundance of healing methods, workshops and practitioners.

The following is a guide to the way I found most clear and effective, for the ones who got lost in the new age chaos. 


This is about Energy Light Work or "practical spiritualism" to prepare yourself for this transition which is mostly welcomed, inevitable and enjoy it rather than being disoriented and lost. 

Your life and the surrounding reality is a reflection of your inner life energies, so you need tools and knowledge to adapt these energies from your present awareness level to the upcoming emotional and physical level (which leads to better health and wellness). 

The healing journey starts with your inner wishes (of the soul or your wishful dreams), continues with proper guidance to practical daily exercises to find the individual optimal path to achieve your goals.

Every one should ask himself: 

What is my life energy which drives me from inside ?

What fills me with this energy ? and what drains me ?

What do I want to achieve in the near future or in my whole life, and what stands in my way to do it ?

How the different parts of Me are interconnected as: physical body, feelings, thoughts, Ego, Mind, Personality or habits,

Some of the answers lie in ancient Oriental spiritual teaching till modern theories like Quantum physics.

And finally usage of tools like Meditation, Reiki, Feng Shui, Bach Flowers, Regression therapy, Defusing (Health Care for Veterans) and Channeling to achieve wellness happines and inner goals.

This is where the journey begins, Where it ends...

                            is up to you !!

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