Heal Your  Life - Be Happy

What is really healing ?

Healing is about being happy, about having a purpose in life (other than surviving and paying bills),

Healing is about what feelings are dominant everyday (stress, fears or happiness, compassion and love) and enjoying life not only the material world.

Healing is about knowing and feeling who you really are, what is your uniqueness and expressing it every moment.

Healing is about radiating your life energy and making a difference to all the others who surround you, first to family and love ones, second to friends, co-workers and others.

Healing is about being in love with life and yourself,

Healing is living your life to the fullest with a purpose !!

What can I do to improve my life ?

An ancient proverb says:

"Know your problem and you are half way to the solution"

The manifestation of the problem is always physical, in our reality, however the roots of the problem might be hidden in our unconscious mind or seeds of our life energy existence.

For dealing with wood problems we need carpenter tools, 

but for dealing with life-energy problems we need "energy specialized tools".

Such kind of tools are available to everyone who wishes to improve his life.

I invite you to learn these tools in order to upgrade your life.

This set of tools I call "Energy work" because it alters your life energy, therefore your achievements will be in the direction you want to make the change.

Some basic tools are very simple, as: intention, guided imagination, to feel, your desire and will, and other are more complex.

There is much more ways to improve your life experience,

some of them you can find on the page called The Unseen Energy World

Here are some basic steps toward success:

Here are some fields in which "energy work" brought results to my former patients:

(For easier reference, I describe these field into four categories)

1. Physical

2. Feelings and Mental issues

3. Family and Relations

4. Spiritual issues

How to achieve the above ? 

The first step start here: