Energy Healing & Awareness Coaching

Hebrew site - לעברית לחצו כאן 

Healing is NOT about avoiding illness,

                    It's about having a better life !

This website "Abc to Life" is about:

Fully enjoying and fulfilling your potential,

How to live a meaningful life, instead of surviving !

GUIDANCE how to safely learn and make use of energy knowledge.

My name is Nicky.

I help and guide for a better life (Physical-illness, emotional and spiritual) guided by our Soul, our Higher Self instead of being automatically influenced by the mind, ego, habits, surrounding society, and fears. 

Our world is changing rapidly and NOW there are new ways to improve our life, material, emotional and spiritual (see 2012 page). 

All this new knowledge is available NOW to EVERYONE. 

"You don't have a soul,

You are a Soul ! 

You have a body, temporarily." - C.S.Lewis/Walter M. Miller, Jr.

This is where your journey begins, Where it ends...

                                    is up to you !!

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